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The First Opening Session of Board of HEADWIN LOGISTICS (ZHEJIANG) CO.,LTD

Publish date: 2015/4/9 9:46:22 Publisher:admin

    On 14th, May 2014 afternoon, the director of board from HEADWIN LOGISTICS (ZHEJIANG) CO.,LTD  open the first session in their own conference room. The attendance is as below: Mr Liu Bing who is the shareholder for this company, Mr Louzhongming, the general manager, Mr Suzhihao & Mrs YiQiu, the vice-general manager, Mrs YangMeiFen, the financial general manager.

    At the meeting, Mr Louzhongming made the annual KPI report of 2013 to all the participants. All the share holders discussed and determined the revenue-sharing proposal. In the meanwhile, Mr Lou made the report of company focus and strategies in 2014 which is approved by the board.

    The shareholders of board are all satisfied with the achievements of Headwin Logistics (ZHEJIANG) CO.,LTD. In 2013 and have confidence in the development in the near future, believe that it will carry out the combatant spirit and complete the developing planning as schedule.


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